Sagittarius, your horoscope for love says you will make an important decision today. You’re determined to make your loved ones happy but this means you can end up lying in order not to hurt others.

You will be very loving with your partner and you will even forget about yourself so you can devote to your partner. This change in your attitude will make your partner surprise you too and you will enjoy a great connection together.

If single, today’s prediction says that you will be willing to meet new people and you will be willing to listen to those whose personality is totally opposite to yours. It will be like a fatal attraction you won’t be able to avoid.

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The Stars predict some important news for today. They will make you think about how you’re managing your finances. This news isn’t bad, but they will give you a new perspective when it comes to your economy.

Mars will affect your professional life. You feel like you’re taking the lead: your dynamism and your willpower are very effective.

If you focus on yourself, you will be able to deal with those problems that tend to scare you. Maybe someone will feel jealous about your success, but you’re getting used to dealing with this.


You’ve decided that you will stick to your healthy habits. You want to be in great shape and to stay healthy, no matter what it takes.

However, your body will suffer some ups and downs and will send you contradictory messages. Don’t worry about it because you will be able to deal with viruses and negative atmospheres today.

What’s more, your optimism will help you look after yourself. Everything is favouring you to achieve the personal wellbeing that you wish.