Sagittarius Horoscope Thursday
Your Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday | Magic Horoscope


Today’s horoscope for love says that this seems like a great moment for your sentimental life. Jupiter is the planet of prosperity and happiness and it’s here to bring you good luck as it enters your first house.

There’s a risk of you engaging in an extramarital affair, but don’t worry because you will be able to react just on time before anyone gets hurt. Try to resist the temptation, Sagittarius.

If you’re single, you will enjoy your success at flirting and seducing. You have more than one possible candidate to begin a romance. Choose wisely.


The Stars warn you when it comes to finances: you could spend a lot of money or even have some losses today. It’s a good moment to make some renovations at home.

If you have any pending lawsuit, you will finally succeed. This will bring you a lot of relief. If this problem is connected to your job, you will get your position back.

If you’re self-employed, you will find some reasons to check the methodology you’re using in your company. You need more discipline and commitment if you want to get greater benefits.


The position of the planets can cause you to experience some health problems. Go to the doctor and they will tell you the solution for this discomfort. If the planets continue affecting your health in a negative way, you will have to avoid doing certain things.

Your horoscope says you should take care of your parents’ health, especially your mother. Saturn’s powerful influence is affecting this aspect of your life.

Sagittarius, things will be great if you listen to your instincts before doing anything. It’s not the best moment to ask for advice: just do what you think is right.