The Stars won’t favour your love life today, Sagittarius. The atmosphere at home and with those in a relationship won’t be exactly full of harmony.

Conflict will be present in some families and this will make the youngest members of the family be very irritable. Their behaviour will be very difficult to deal with.

If you’re single, meeting new people or starting a new romance won’t be easy today. Sagittarius, you’d better focus on your family life and your friends. Just wait until better times arrive to work on your love life.

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The prediction for money this Thursday says that no matter how much effort you put, the results won’t be exactly what you expected. You won’t get the results you wanted for those investments and businesses.

The Stars recommend you act carefully at work, especially with those workmates who’ve just started working in your company. You need to present yourself as someone nice and easy to work with if you want to earn their support and loyalty.

You also need to control your own insecurities. You know these types of feelings are very easy to transmit and you don’t want such an environment at work.


You could suffer some problems connected to your digestive system today, or maybe rheumatism if you suffer from it regularly.

On the other hand, you will feel attracted to everything related to personal development today. Maybe someone will tell you about a holistic therapy you will want to try.

You need to focus and choose one therapy at a time. Focus on following the instructions and putting them into practice instead of trying new things every time.