Sagittarius horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Today’s prediction for Sagittarius in love warns you to be more present in your personal relationships. Sagittarius, there are many occasions when you miss what’s going on because you’re thinking about the future or the past.

If you have children, today will be a good day. Your relationship will benefit from honest dialogue and cooperation. It’s the perfect time to build a strong and constructive relationship with each other.

If single, there won’t be many changes in your love life. Actually, the change in this situation is entirely up to you. You’re going through a moment when you’re still affected by your past, you’re not ready to start anything new yet.

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This Wednesday’s prediction of the Magic Horoscope foresees a lot of expenses. Maybe it will be sports material or something related to the physical activity of a family member.

You will have to deal with a situation at work that you’ve been trying to avoid for a while. You will be able to act with diplomacy and you will defend yourself without committing any mistake.

On the other hand, you will have a fantastic day if you’re self-employed. You will receive great profit that will help you invest in new material or service for your company.


The Stars predict a pretty positive day for your health. If you stick to your good sleeping habits, a balanced diet, and you mind your emotions, nothing will harm you.

However, this week you’re feeling somehow negative, emotionally speaking. Has this been happening for a while now? Find out if it’s a problem with some hormones, a lack of vitamins or minerals, or if you need some therapy.

Whatever it is, pay extra attention to how you feel, and don’t underestimate your emotions, they are the key to feel balanced.