Today’s horoscope for love predicts a problematic day. There could be a misunderstanding. As long as you don’t play any game and you try to keep your cool, you will make up immediately.

If you have children, your relationship with them could be a bit difficult today. Maybe it’s because they can feel the tension in the air.

If you’re single, however, you could meet someone today. You will feel a strong attraction but you need to be careful and make sure this is the right person. You don’t want to start an emotional relationship if you don’t know the other part.

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Maybe you will be able to experience some abundance again today. All the problems you’ve had recently have started to disappear, Sagittarius, and a more favourable time is about to come.

Maybe you need to start focusing more on your professional objectives and less on your relationship with your workmates. It’s time you start thinking about yourself and forget about what others may think.

If you’re considering setting up your own business, make sure you have all the information before starting anything. You need to make sure you understand what you have to do before you start.


Your prediction for this Friday says you will go through some dark moments. You will get over it very soon, Sagittarius, but they will definitely drain your energy. You will end up really tired.

Those negative thoughts that come back to your mind could reappear today. Always remember that you are the one with the power to make them go away.

You know that the best way to be happy is to have a purpose in life. Try to do something that fills your soul every day. This is where you will get all the energy and motivation to go on and create the life you want.