The Stars predict that the expansive energy you’re feeling in all areas of your life will directly affect your love life. You will start trusting others and getting more open.

You will experience a better understanding within your family life. Your relationship with the youngest ones will become more fluent. You’re willing to listen to their needs and find points in common.

Single Sagittarius, you feel you can relate to others easily now, you can start trusting people again. This opening makes it easy to meet new people and begin a romance.

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The Magic Horoscope talks about changes in your source of income or your cash flow. Maybe you will have to deal with control problems or you need to transform your relationship with money.

You could develop new skills at work and this will make you feel more ambitious. This will help you with your performance at work and your income.

You may start using technology that will make things easier at work. This will become a great advantage and will increase your productivity.


You will accept change when it comes to your health. You feel there’s something changing inside of you and you can’t keep doing the same as you used to do before.

You will trust yourself more and you will feel braver. Your physical appearance will become really important to you, Sagittarius, and you will spend your time and energy creating the image that corresponds to your ideal.

This care for your physical body will extend to care for your emotional self, you’re pursuing your own personal identity. Your priority will be feeling well with yourself.