Your Sagittarius Horoscope for October 28

Your Sagittarius prediction for Monday, 28 October 2019
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope

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Today’s love prediction for Sagittarius says that Eros is present in your sign. It will increase your sexual drive as well as the desire to share intimate moments with your partner.

Some Sagittarius could resist abandoning their comfort zone and accept themselves completely. You won’t be able to see a change in your relationships until this change happens.

If you’re single, you will feel like dealing with your inner self today rather than seducing another person. However, you’re prone to meeting someone with whom you could start a romantic story if you wish so.

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 Today’s horoscope predicts a day of reflection. Sagittarius, you will make sure your excessive optimism doesn’t make you commit mistakes in this area of your life.

You will feel pretty unstable at work today, Sagittarius. The Magic Horoscope recommends caution and not taking action for the moment.

If you work for yourself, you will have the drive you need to lead larger projects. This new enthusiasm will infect your partners and collaborators and this will become the seeds of your future success.


You will feel physically strong today. You’re working to keep fit and this brings positive feedback that lets you advance in this aspect. Don’t let laziness prevent you from keeping up with this good habit.

You will feel more confident than before and with enough energy to bring closure to certain aspects of your past. They’ve been your burden for too long now.

Sagittarius, this is a very favourable moment to work your conscience and personal development. You can go to a therapist or psychologist, or maybe you could go to some type of energetic therapy you trust as long as you feel it’s beneficial.