Sagittarius horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


According to the Stars, your tendency in love will be to make your loved ones’ lives more comfortable. This vocation will benefit you and you will receive much more than you will give.

If you’re a Sagittarius with children, you could have a pretty constructive conversation with the youngest of them today. An unsolved conflict will be part of the conversation and will be solved today.

If single, you’re in a very positive moment to find a person with whom you want to share your life. If you don’t rush and take your time to consider the qualities of those who come into your life, you will find someone alike who will be part of your life.

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Sagittarius, your financial life is pretty stable. The Stars predict darker times in the near future, but so far you’ve been able to have money without worries.

Professionally speaking, you will have to deal with a challenge today. You could have to keep neutral if you want to be successful. Try not to take sides, especially if it’s an issue related to the behaviour of a third person.

As for Sagittarius who are self-employed, things will be alright so you need to stop worrying without any reason. If all this energy goes to specific plans to improve your company, you will probably meet your goals.


Today’s prediction for health warns Sagittarius. You need to take your diet more seriously. That strict diet won’t be useful at all if you will go back to your bad habits once you’re done with it.

You’re an ambitious person. Your need for personal evolution turns you into your own obstacle sometimes. You’re not patient enough to go step by step.

Sagittarius, remember that no matter how little you do every day for your personal growth, the final result will arrive one day and it will be surprising. Be patient with yourself and keep moving on.