Today’s horoscope for love says you will meet some Gemini, Cancer and Virgo. You could have very pleasant romances with any of them. But Pisces will be the one that will call your attention with its eroticism.

If you’re in a relationship and your situation is tough right now, you will have a lot of patience today. You will feel like avoiding your partner, but you’ll be able to control your impulses.

If your situation tends to be conflictive, today it will be even worse. And if your relationship is usually full of harmony you will have a brief conflict too, however, it won’t be dramatic.

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Sagittarius, the Stars predict a good day for your economy, especially for those who are traders or teachers.

You’ll have the chance to shine if you’re realistic enough. You’ll be able to act in a humble way with your daily habits and your day to day work.

But remember that you need to finish everything you start. You need to be careful, but it’s alright because this area of your life is in a very positive moment right now.


The Stars say you might experience some headache or discomfort on your back or neck. Exercising could help you prevent this from happening. Swimming is the best sport for Sagittarius.

Your mind will fight your feelings today. You will have intense and sometimes painful thoughts. This struggle could come with some psychosomatic repercussions, apart from emotional stress.

Sagittarius, your horoscope reminds you that you can count on the energy of Mars to get over any difficult situation you have to face.