Today’s horoscope for love predicts that new possibilities will come to you. Dialogue and mental activity will be boosted, maybe with your partner or maybe with someone who means a lot to you.

Sagittarius in a relationship, you will go through some type of demand. This could cause some kind of tension but your new perspective on things will help you reach an agreement.

If you’re single, you will enjoy many exchanges and possibilities of sexual or romantic adventures. There’s a change in your life and it will bring you new experiences.

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Sagittarius, the Stars predict it’s a good moment to achieve success. Maybe you will be promoted, or you will be given a new responsibility or maybe your work will be acknowledged.

You’re in a very decisive moment for your goals and ambitions, and your usual tasks. Face them with determination and you will succeed in everything you try.

Today’s prediction is very positive for both your economy and your job. Take advantage of these new energies that are favouring this area of your life.


Your prediction for health comes with great news. I’ve you’ve suffered from some discomfort, you will recover pretty soon. If you’re suffering from a more serious condition, you will feel some relief as well.

The new energy of the planets that’s entering your sign makes you want to change. A new self will be reborn and you will get closer to that ideal you’ve always wanted to achieve.

Sagittarius, you will feel very attracted by spirituality, meditation and everything related to your emotions and your inner self.