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Sagittarius, you will still feel quite defensive against those around you. You won’t even realize but you’re acting as if everybody were against you today. Remember that your perspective isn’t the only valid one.

If you’re in a relationship, make an effort today and try to get closer to your partner. You’ve decided you’re the victim and your pushing your partner away from you instead of getting what you really want: their love.

If you’re single, this is not going to change. Your attitude about love won’t be open enough to favour any love affair.

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Economically speaking you will be lucky, Sagittarius. You could even help someone close with their finances, they’re going through a tough situation.

These recent changes at work have caused you quite a lot of stress. However, now you’re learning to handle the situation and you’re able to see the positive side.

If you’re looking for a job, you have the chance to talk to someone with experience. They will help you succeed in interviews.


The horoscope predicts a pretty positive day for health. If you were sick, you will feel your health is back, and if you were already healthy, you will feel vital and strong.

Emotionally speaking, you’re a very sensitive person and you should stay away from all the bad news around you. Turn off the television, don’t read the newspapers and try to go for a walk somewhere with trees, or close to the sea.

Remember that looking after yourself also means you need to look after your thoughts. Everything that enters your world can heal you or poison you, so be careful with what things you let you in your life.