Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



This is the first day of a period of warm feelings and tenderness. Your honesty and openness will guide you when you have to set good relationships with people around you.

Single Sagittarius, don’t trust any stranger that comes to your life. Time and caution will eventually tell you if it’s the right person. Keep your noble feelings to express them when it’s the right moment to do so.

Don’t overload yourself with responsibilities that don’t belong to you, try to find a balance point with your family. Your intuition will tell you when it’s the right moment to step back or step up. Just remember that this love you are longing for begins with loving yourself first.

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You will face some minor financial difficulties, they will work out eventually if you keep calm. It’s not the time for big expenses or investing, unless you know exactly the results you can have.

Think again about your job, make sure you are really doing what you want to. Money doesn’t equal happiness so you should prioritize finding a job that really satisfies you emotionally.

It’s the right moment to consider changing jobs but don’t start anything yet, wait for the right time to arrive. Trust your intuition and make a plan that gives you security.


You will feel some emotional blockage that will leave you anxious and stressed, so please don’t accumulate it. Let it come out to heal and this way you will regain the control and the emotional stability you want.

Your body is telling you you’re not doing enough to take care of it. If you keep forgetting about your health there will be a moment when your body will give you a clear sign for you to think about it seriously.

Today is the perfect day to let go of all this negative energy you feel inside. You know how to do it without harming anyone, so let go of all frustration and aggressiveness so that you can go back to your usual state of physical and mental harmony.