Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Although this horoscope may tell you about your state of health, your economy, some problems, and good news, there is no doubt that the best prediction for this beginning of the year, your true fortune, lies in the strong flowering of friendship.

However, now is the time to begin to reap those friendships with more effort, as some new energies for the reinforcement of your social life come to you to rebuild and strengthen your relationship with some people around you who are loyal to you.

In the immediate future you will discover how important it can be to have a group of friends close to you around you. Also, during today you will feel that you have very positive energies to create an atmosphere of trust with your partner to regain stability.


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Sometimes you'll feel the pressure to do something, to get back to action as soon as possible, not realizing that this relaxation can recharge your batteries to get you back into the action with much more enthusiasm. The energy you are accumulating will be a very productive source of energy.

In some cases, rest is the backward step you need to take before gaining momentum. Also, the stars these days do not give you the ability to undertake the right tasks. Preserve the tranquility and take advantage to isolate the anxiety of your being.

In the field of economy, you must spend a few days without wasting money and you need to prioritize some needs and avoid waste for superfluous things. Some difficult days begin.


The apparent weakness with which you will greet this Tuesday, the first day of the new year 2019, is but a passing phase of a progressive increase in your motivation to live to the maximum and squeeze the seconds to the limit. You have many challenges ahead of you, and you want to be at the top of your game.

Your state of health is perfect, apart from some minor things like a headache or dizziness from the hangover you still carry from last night, but nothing you can not overcome with that optimism of yours.