Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



A person around you can be inspirational and point the way forward when you get obfuscated and don't see the way. Following your insides can lead to error. You should be less proud and trust others more. Sometimes you can't handle everything alone.

The stars bless you with an inner peace that invites reflective calm. If you find the right moments in solitude and tranquility, you can review your place and your goals in life. Perhaps you will be surprised and embark on a new path.

You are too conditioned by external influences, and all your potential is drowned in daily obligations, social conventions and servility. It's time for you to regain some autonomy and face your life with freedom and courage.


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A bad day for the Sagittarius who pretend to collect something late or receive a debt from the past, because there are reticence and blockages for the arrival of money to Saturn. Patience must not be at odds with insistence: Claim what is yours!

On the other hand, at work you will enjoy an enviable atmosphere, a confluence of energies that involve the effort of success and satisfaction. The people you used to argue with now seem friendlier, and your fears and weaknesses become successes.

By the end of the day you will have to settle accounts with a close person, although no arguments or anger are noticed. It's time to close some accounts, and stay calm.


You realize that you resolve adversity with much more mettle than before, and that helps you to live more relaxed. Your body is the first to thank you, and you are noticing greater physical and mental well-being.

The day announces the arrival of some superficial problems that ask for your attention, but are very tiny problems related to the skin and hair area. Nothing that manages to stop the impulse that you have picked up towards happiness.

Why not complement this exceptional day with some exercise that activates your adrenaline and other substances of happiness, or listen to the music you like to reach euphoria?