Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for May 1

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These first days of the month you will feel some communication problems with your partner. This is because you’ve been too absorbed by your job and other responsibilities you’ve forgotten about your loved one.

You can make up for it if you don’t remain closed to others, you need to open in order to fix things and communicate in an honest way. This attitude will encourage reconciliation and bring back the harmony in your relationship.

Do what you can to make that person feel special, there is where you will find the key to their heart. Passion and eroticism need attention to be lit, it’s not only about cycles and biorhythms.

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Your income comes directly from your effort at work, and today you will feel especially passionate about reaching your professional goals. Avoid rivalries with your colleagues, these will only stain your achievements.

There will be a series of expenses you didn’t expect, but you will be able to deal with them without a problem. This will help you plan your finances better in a future, so don’t worry when it happens.

The cosmos supports you and sends you good energy when it comes to finances, you can be considered lucky during this month and today you won’t experience big changes. Keep trusting that the universe always provides.


You will notice some physical symptoms, they don’t indicate any sickness or important ailment. They are the result of your state of mind, which is somehow down. You will have a tendency for sadness and will feel discouraged, so it’s a good idea to find help.

You need to cleanse yourself and your wounds from the past, they are still open. You can’t keep bearing that burden, you must learn to let go and free yourself from unnecessary suffering.

You have the strength you need to face the most complicated situations, but don’t forget to take care of yourself or you will pay for it. Once you can accept the circumstances in your life without judgements, you will be ready to find inner peace. Watch first and act later, instead of holding to negativity.