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Sagittarius, October will begin with a wonderful type of energy that will keep love very active during most part of the month. You will feel particularly stimulated by social interaction today and you will enjoy conversations that will be deeper than usual.

If you’re in a relationship, you will find yourself listening and gathering information about your other half. There will be many opportunities to improve your relationship if you use all the information you’re receiving correctly.

On the other hand, if you’re a single Sagittarius, you will life wonderful new situations thanks to how you’re feeling today. You will feel confident enough to pursue things that you used to consider out of your league, you act with more decision.

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Financially speaking you will probably help others indirectly by establishing business contacts. You’re very likely to make new financial connections easily at the beginning of the month.

Today’s horoscope predicts some challenges in the professional field, but there will be less enthusiasm for work itself compared to other aspects. You need to use your social abilities if you want to get things done. You should also try not to postpone anything for something you’re more interested in.

You could have some problems to focus at work, but you need to do it because if you waste your time just chatting carelessly with your workmates you will miss the deadlines of your objectives.


This new month you will need to learn many things, Sagittarius. That’s why your emotional health will be crucial from today on. As you interact with people and see how the world receives your impact, you will become more and more aware of the importance of your actions.

You will also assimilate a lot from your surroundings, you won’t be so concerned about your inner self, but you will keep taking care of it. You will feel complete, so you need to use this energy wisely.

You could face difficult situations, much more than you are used to, but do it with extra care. This is a good moment to observe your immediate environment and make sure it’s beneficial to you.