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The arrival of the Moon from Scorpio subjects you to a process of revision of the past in which you must bravely face some situations that generate pain. However, it is essential that you learn to face this pain in order to overcome it, instead of continuing to flee.

The stars put you in connection with an ex-partner with whom things didn't go well, and whose story of passion and love was stained by bad times, resentment and jealousy. You have to metabolize the bad experiences to start a catharsis process.

It's time to face that moment you've been fearing for a long time: call that person, meet them, sit with them and talk, as a therapeutic process to help you evolve.


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In the current situation, it is best that you withdraw your strength and devote yourself to preparing the next steps. A strategy that is too risky wastes your strength and does not allow you to think clearly. It is preferable that you put your efforts into reflection.

In investments and commercial operations, as in war, the preparation of the strategy is as important as its execution, and the stars warn that lately you are acting with too much impulse without leaving room for reflection.

How about taking time to redefine your goals and study how to optimize efforts to get the best results? You need to gain momentum to jump in again.


The time has come to put a little more head in the affairs of the heart, Sagittarius, because your coronary health is suffering more than you can imagine lately, and you need to put all the care and attention on such a delicate subject. It's time to take care of yourself.

Be careful, Sagittarius who work many hours in front of the computer, because today symptoms of visual fatigue will appear. Maybe you need a pair of protective glasses, or simply rest your eyes a little more. This eye discomfort can easily lead to a headache.

One last piece of advice for Sagittarius: these days try to keep your voice, because you are going to need it and the stars foresee problems of momentary loss of voice due to excessive work on your vocal cords.