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The confirmation of a crisis with your couple that comes given by the boredom and the feeling of stagnation derives in a danger which is more present than ever: Sagittarius will feel today more tempted than ever to look for excitement and action outside their relationship. And it's not always easy to contain the temptation.

However, this time it is something deeper because it is not just a sexual impulse, but an urgent need to feel alive, to feel that you attract others.

In addition to looking for a good problem, not only will you not solve your problem beyond immediate satisfaction, but you are walking the wrong path when it comes to facing your problems. You need a rebirth within the conjugal nest.


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If you look closely at your work situation and the course of your economy you are likely to find disappointment and fatigue. Things aren't the way you'd like them to be, and you're exhausted. You lack the energy and drive to find a way to reverse the situation.

However, perhaps the answer lies in your environment. Paying back and exchanging energies with others will stimulate your own impetus to find a way to start over. Helping someone selflessly will yield a very rewarding benefit.

Community work and solidarity in a team are elements where Sagittarius can move very optimally today. Outside of work, there is also the opportunity for success.


Sometimes it is necessary to put a moment of pause to life, Sagittarius, and although the rhythm of life demands movement and activity, we have to find the moments to be ourselves and create spaces of comfort, relaxation and meditation. 

Thinking about life, about our function in it, about our needs, our challenges, our desires... All this helps you to calm your mind, to get out of the whirlwind of stress and worries that keep you busy. It not only helps you to project the future, but also to stop the present.

You have to find your way again, Sagittarius, and for that it is essential that you go back to look for it. Nature will be inspiring and will envelop your moments in special tranquility.