Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for June 10

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Mars is in your love sector now, you’ll feel stronger desires to spend your time with your partner and the need to strengthen your love. You’re open to commitment so you will ask for the same level of commitment.

This predisposition to love will make you wish to go one step further. If you’re in a relationship you will want to consolidate it; if you’re single, somebody with whom you can have a stable relationship will appear in your life.

Your emotional bonds will be a priority for you from now on and until the second week of June. You’ll pay special attention to those around you and you’ll try to find something in common that will make these relationships more alive.

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You wish to change jobs completely, you want more autonomy at work and experience a change in your working environment, the people you’re working with, and you also want a job that keeps you interested and curious.

This can get complicated, you have a wide range of interests. Give yourself some space to experiment if you have the chance. Don’t avoid any option just because it’s unknown to you, try to imagine how the change would affect you first.

You will feel great energy with Mars in your income sector, you might feel the urge to find new job opportunities and getting out from your comfort zone. All these changes will be positive, after all you will end up finding your place in the professional aspect.


You might have some joint inflammation, so watch carefully the symptoms and visit the doctor if you must. On the other hand, you’ve started prioritizing your dental health, which you had neglected for a long time before.

As for your emotional side, you could have some psychosomatic problems caused by stress. If you want to avoid prolongation of these problems, analyse the origin of the discomfort.

If you make an effort and try to control your temper, you’ll finally end up controlling those bursts of anger that have dominated you sometimes. Find the help of a coach or therapist who works your spiritual side. It will take you some time but you’ll have great results that will benefit both your mental and physical health.