Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |


Today seems like it will be a positive day for the affairs of the heart. You will be able to live very romantic moments. Intimacy will be present during all the day, so use this good vibe to give the best of you to your partner.

If you’re single, you may make a decision related to someone who’s been in your life for a short time. You will probably find it difficult to decide at first, but finally you will choose the direction that best suits your emotions.

It’s a good moment to strengthen your family bonds and the relationship with your friends. A friendship from the past is very likely to reappear and this will bring you a lot of joy because you’ve always had a great connection with that person.

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It’s a good moment for your finances, so you can afford to dream a little bit and see what you wish on the short term. Set the bases for a savings plan that lets you achieve your objectives and financial well-being.

As for your job, you may have to decide if you prefer the safety offered by the routine of the job you already know how to do, or the adventure of exploring new ways of earning money doing what you really want.

Leave your fears aside, Sagittarius, you have nothing to lose regarding economy. The energy of the planets had never given you this type of support before. Everything you start will be successful.


You should have a swim in the sea if you want to get your energy back. It’s not just about resting, it’s about surrounding yourself with nature and being in a quiet space.

You might feel a little bit nostalgic or sad today, but it will be momentary and your mood will change in the middle of the day, and if you focus on doing some pleasant activity you really enjoy, it could be sooner.

Don’t forget to keep caring of your deepest side, your spiritual side. This is where your strength lies. It’s a good day to think about your purpose and how to add it to your day to day. Be kind to yourself.