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Action, Sagittarius! This is what you need. These days you have been subjected to moments of deep reflection and, what the hell, that's luxury to know you better and know what you want in life. But you are a person of extremes, and you are accommodating yourself in a reflective emptiness.

You need to get moving again. As one of the most dynamic and active signs in the horoscope, spending too much time hitting your head can be overwhelming. If you don't want the thing to turn against you, get out of that state of mind and start doing things.

Today will be a special day to organize new adventures with your friends or with your partner, and seek again to feel free in nature and open places.


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There is an unexplored field in which you can perform very well but you haven't even thought about it. Every day you're missing opportunities, Sagittarius, because you exploit only a small percentage of your abilities. And it's normal, it's hard to get to everything with so much stress.

Learning a language or perfecting your training in a professional activity, or even learning a new trade, will be a refreshing experience for a Sagittarius who may have been stagnant for too long. Recognizing your value is the first step towards putting it into practice with complete confidence.

At work, you may have to cover some tasks that you think you are not ready for. Even if you have to do things you've never done before, you have plenty of capacity for it.


Today Sagittarius are dragging with a special gravity a problem that already comes from behind and that takes on intensity: the loss of voice. From now on, avoid as much as possible substances that damage your vocal cords, such as alcohol and tobacco, and protect them from the cold.

It is essential that you learn to dose your voice, especially now that you need it so much for your daily life. Gargle mint tea with lemon, or water with lemon and honey, will be an excellent complement to keep your vocal cords fresh and healthy.

The stars also point out some important problems in the neck area related to bad positions and contractures, which will require rest and some muscle massages.