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Why is it so hard to recognize that we need help? Have you ever thought about it, Sagittarius? Recognizing our vulnerability is a tender way of recognizing ourselves as human, and allowing ourselves the humble process of starting over.

The blows that life gives you in the form of loving failure leave you unarmed before the battle of emotions, for which we don't always have all the answers.

But resorting to a therapist (we don't have to be afraid to say it: a psychologist) can help you explore within yourself with more tools, look for the questions effectively and find the answers that will free you from your anguish.


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In the middle of a very important project for you, you realize that you are not taking full advantage of your potential and the results leave a lot to be desired. You don't feel satisfied, and that takes away more energy to face a process of professional improvement.

At work, obstacles are appearing that prevent the results from talking about the effort you make, together with your colleagues, to move the company forward.

In your individual projects and in collective work, Sagittarius are finding it difficult to overcome adversity. By developing individual potential you can reverse the situation that, for now, seems dramatic, and step forward to lead the drive to success.


In the midst of evolution and improvement of your health, and the search for physical, mental and spiritual balance from the tranquility offered by the welfare that accompanies you, Sagittarius can find many useful answers today in alternative medicine therapy called bioenergetics.

For example, Sagittarius: Did you know that the sun is a natural source of life that not only nourishes the enzymes in your skin but also offers you a very important asset such as vitamin D? And did you know that a person with mental power and spiritual strength awakens a strong magnetism towards others?

Did you know that people can nourish each other with life and energy thanks to their biorhythmic channels? Did you know that cosmic biorhythms exert a force on us? It's time to get into these issues to evolve more and more in all aspects.