Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for March 11

Your Horoscope for Monday
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You have to know that these days you are giving off magnetism and attraction everywhere, Sagittarius, and that it is normal that wherever you go there is always someone who notices you. Your best disposition and your change of image, but above all your security, will break more than one heart.

But watch out, Sagittarius. Now is when you must reject arrogance with more force than ever. When you notice that you like someone and that person is suffering, you should be condescending and open the doors of your heart, or close them forever with honesty.

No playing with other people, centaur. Don't do to others what you don't like to be done to you. And in any case, take advantage of the game of seduction for promising projects in love.


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Preserve or expand? That's the question. Save or risk? This week will be a good time to let go and, at certain times, why not, take risks and expand. However, a part of you must maintain sanity and make expansion and risk compatible with logic.

Study the positions well, analyze the consequences of each movement and avoid unnecessary risks. For everything else, you carry a good dose of good luck that these last few days is working for you. Don't be too superstitious, but use the forces to your advantage.

On the other hand, the change of mentality at work is working and you realize that mistakes, however fatal they may seem, help you to improve. Bravo for you, Sagittarius.


You can always make one excuse or another, Sagittarius. Yes, you have a very busy life, true, but you also have to admit that you are very badly organized when it comes to your time. And the reproaches of your closest ones who would like to spend more time with you are justified.

So stop making excuses and organize time better. This Monday is an ideal day to find time to spend qualitatively together with your loved ones. This will not only be a debt to them, but also a source of inner revitalization for yourself. You will see how you feel much better!

The small aches you may suffer, such as headache and discomfort in the back and legs can be overcome if instead of medicating you use the happiness that gives you yours.