Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for April 12

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All the obstacles which were once on your way will disappear thanks to this optimism you are experiencing these days. This will bring a stability you had never had before in your relationship.

With the help of the planets that favour Sagittarius you can open in total confidence. It’s time to satisfy emotional needs, share and celebrate love. If you have a partner just express your feelings without a fear.

Nevertheless, remember you will have to love yourself first, Sagittarius. It’s not about being narcissistic, it’s about self-respect and knowledge of one self. The love you give to yourself is mirrored; you can see the reflection in other people because it’s a love that helps you contact your ability to love.

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Your financial future continues to seem optimistic, you will enjoy a growth in capital as you will carry out controlled investments that will bring you a decent amount of benefit in the short term.

Learn about diversification in your investments, it’s not good to put all your eggs in one basket. Find financial counsel if necessary, and don’t be afraid to move your money in order to make it grow. Take advantage of this moment when the forces of fortune are in your favour.

Your career also benefits from this energy boost you are experiencing. Your gifts, charisma and courage will catch the attention of people who have a strong influence and will suggest promotions and important positions in the company.


Your mental energy is at its peak and your physical energy is balanced. Your old discomforts are diminishing and your body is regaining its harmony. Your physical condition has definitely improved and feels better than in previous months.

Your immune system is at its maximum thanks to the endorphins it’s receiving because of your positive energy. The happier you are the healthier you will be, remember that your mind is capable of everything if you know how to focus your attention.

Apart from enjoying all the sports and social activities you want these days, don’t forget to sleep well. Your body is a perfect machine, but it also needs some resting time.