Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |


This Monday will be a positive day for love, your love planet is moving quickly and this shows a lot of confidence and quick progress when it comes to love matters. Your social life will expand as well.

On the other hand, sexual magnetism will be your strongest point today, you will enjoy really good moments as you will to have fun will be present today. You will be attracted to foreigners, intellectuals and those who seem to be very educated.

You like people from whom you can learn, and some powerful people will catch your attention. They are very likely to have achieved something in life and they can help you in terms of work. You will find this type of people today.

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Finances have improved a lot compared to previous months. Saturn is still retrograde but you’re getting a lot of profit, especially from today to the next few days. It may be happening slowly, but it’s happening.

You will also be successful at work, the stars favour anything related to business, commercial deals and your position at work in general. That’s why you will be very devoted to your job these days.

You will have the support of those around you in all the projects you start, so you will probably achieve success very easily. It’s a good moment in general for money and work.


Your health will be a little bit more delicate today. This is mainly due to your lifestyle. You’re too focused on your job and don’t have much time for resting and caring of your body and your mind.

Try to find a moment to get rid of unnecessary things in your life, both physically and mentally. This means you should watch your diet and correct the unhealthy habits you have. Also, find moments during the day to switch off from everything.

You would benefit from a massage in the area of the solar plexus in order to relax all the tensions that are putting pressure there. You should also get the area of the small intestine massaged in order to get rid of toxins and stress.