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In your relationship there is a void that is filled only by silence, and sometimes silence can be trusty enough to sweep everything away slowly but without restraint. That silence that spreads only increases jealousy, grudges, mistrust and suspicions, while the relationship goes rotten.

Today your partner learns to apologize before asking for explanations, exploits generosity before exigency, and recovers humility by eliminating any hint of pride. And the most difficult thing: banish reproaches, jealousy and rancor from your instinctive nature.

Take back hope in your life, Sagittarius, make the light shine again in you as it is natural, and only in this way will you be able to renew all the aspects around you.


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Your main problem today is to discover, for fear of the harsh reality that manifests itself before your eyes, that you assume too many responsibilities and then you can't fulfill them. That's why you need to focus your energies on the tasks you can accomplish.

Today you will finally see, after many days, the arrival of money in your coffers, and that can make you lose for a moment the world of sight. But you have to work hard to get your feet back on the ground. Don't be stingy, but don't fall into the habit of spending for the sake of spending.

A misunderstanding of economic issues can generate an important discussion with friends and family, but you have to cool your mind and prioritize the human aspect over the economic issue.


Your bones and muscles definitely need your attention, Sagittarius. But a few stretches during the day or eating foods with calcium are no longer enough. Not even some miracle drugs that have sold you that you thought would make you feel better.

It's time to deal with joint pain or muscle aches and bone weakness with specific, medically proven treatments that solve the root of the problem. You may have to spend some money on therapists, but it will be worth it.

Today is also a good day to think about small hygiene problems such as bad breath, excess wax in the ears or excessive sweating. It will help you feel better.