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This Saturday, the forecast of the stars augurs a magnificent opportunity to intensify the relationship between parents and children. If these weeks you have lost a little sight of the essential warmth of your immediate family, you should know that in parent-child relationships you can find the way today.

The important thing, sometimes, is not to apologize or try to make up time by talking a lot. Knowing how to listen and show your support, the simple fact of your presence and your commitment to recovering that relationship is a very positive factor that will fill you with satisfaction.

Organize a different plan to baptize this new beginning with the factor of surprise and much illusion.


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Reaching a leadership position, assuming certain ascenders and carrying more responsibilities also has its drawbacks, and one of them is that you become more visible and easily become the target of criticism and attacks that are not always well intentioned.

The stars foresee the confluence of negative energies originated by human beings around you, especially envy, malice and rivalry in the form of negative and threatening elements.

Do not fall into provocation, for it is a mistake that will only feed these bad energies around you. Defend yourself from the attacks and ignore the envy, because only efficiency in your work will validate your value as a leader in your workplace. 


The face, legs, and abdomen are the areas of the body that accumulate more wrinkles, in addition to flaccidity, cellulite and adiposity. At this time when, according to the prediction of the stars, Sagittarius are in a crisis of confidence, aesthetics is very important.

And it is so to the extent that you see aesthetics as a way to strengthen your self-esteem and your safety, not as a substitute for it. Feeling beautiful is something positive, but even more so feeling powerful.

Some people mistakenly replace their lack of self-esteem with a fever in the operating room. However, today there are non-invasive aesthetic treatments, that is, they do not require surgery. They are less aggressive to the body and can help you feel more beautiful and younger.