Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




Today your love life will be characterized by change, especially when it comes to past experiences. You will think about some mistakes you must correct if you want to continue with the current harmony you have in your relationship.

On the other hand, if you’re single and you feel like you want to commit to a serious relationship, you’ll have the chance to meet your soul mate. If this isn’t the case then there will be the opportunity to experience romance and brief adventures.

There could be some type of conflict in your family or relationship. Diplomacy is the best solution in these cases. Don’t position yourself anywhere and be neutral if you want to find a solution for this situation.

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Earning more money depends on your ability to have more knowledge and learn new skills. If you’re willing to do it, you will find it easy to learn and the results will come before you expect them.

Keep a good balance between the money you earn and the money you spend today. This way your finances will be stable. Don’t expect a lot of money entering your bank account, but you can relax knowing that at least you will continue earning the same amount every time.

As for your professional life, a piece of good advice from a friend will be very useful to get over an obstacle you’ll find in the way. There’s a chance you’re offered a business trip that will be very beneficial.


Today you will feel some problems with your legs. Take special care of your arteries and the blood flow. In order to improve that, you’d better do some exercise and take some herbs such as nettle, rosemary and ginger root.

Your personality might make you neglect your diet and your health easily. Try not to be carried away by those moments when you just want to eat sweets and drink alcohol. Instead, eat green salads and natural juices.

You also need to take into account that you’re in a process of change of both your personality and your self-image. This is a very positive change so it could be a good idea to implement style changes and new behaviours.