Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for March 12

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Loss can also have a point of joy and fill you with well-being. It all depends on the way you approach it, Sagittarius, but it is evident that your way of living emotions is in full transit and the action of the planets leads you to filter them through happiness. 

Remembering people you've lost, whether it's a friend or family member who's gone, or a person you broke up with, no longer turns longing into sadness and depression, but as an opportunity to regain the happy feelings that person transmitted to you.

Do not sink into the sadness of having lost that person, Sagittarius. Be glad you found it. Today is a good day to listen to the music that they liked best, or live that little corner that you used to go.


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Your bad predisposition to work and the fact that your mind is occupied in other things can make you miss out on good opportunities in the world of work. In your projects and your business, in your job, very good opportunities open up, but you will be overlooked if you are not concentrated.

That's why you have to put the problems of your private life aside. Your superiors will call your attention and question your performance if you are not able to demonstrate professionalism and seriousness. Interest is shown, Sagittarius, it is not presupposed.

Today there will be technical problems at home, Sagittarius, breakdowns that may require urgent repairs and that will double the outlay of unexpected money.


Bad news in medical diagnosis is not the end of the world, Sagittarius. Traditional medicine, sometimes, also fails, so don't immediately get into the worst. It's time to be optimistic and seek a second opinion. What if it was all just a mistake?

Anyway, at the worst news, the stars offer you optimism, which in your case is always the most powerful weapon. Face health problems with vitality and energy.

There are some routine of your life that you must change to live in a healthier way. Now is the time to take care of yourself and, for once, be more careful about health things.