Sagittarius Magic Horoscope 6
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Your horoscope for love today advises you take your partner’s needs seriously, Sagittarius. Don’t let the lack of satisfaction take over your relationship, or you could find it very difficult to get back that harmony and trust between you two.

This thirst for novelty you have can be satisfied if you work together with your partner to surprise each other and find new aspects of your life in common. Don’t lose your illusion and don’t let trivial joys carry you away.

Single Sagittarius, today you could begin a romance. This will happen in a very natural way and will flow so that only fun and the delight of senses will be important. Enjoy the moment, Sagittarius!


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Your financial situation is still very good. Don’t expect great benefit today, but nothing negative will cast its shadow on your abundance.

In the area of work, something is about to happen, and you’re aware of it. You need to start making friends so that when the moment arrives, you can count on people who can cover your back and help you get your professional objectives.

On the other hand, Sagittarius,you shouldn’t mix your kind nature with professional relationships, both on the financial and personal level. Some might try to take advantage of this quality of yours.


The health for Sagittarius will be good this Saturday, but you could suffer from some ear discomfort. It could be persistent pain, a momentary episode of deafness, or tinnitus. Whatever it is, you shouldn’t ignore it, so go to a doctor.

You will be willing to do what it takes to take care of your emotional health. Stay away from those who make you feel bad, this will be the first good decision of the day. The second one will be learning how to pass family obligations to others, especially with children.

The Magic Horoscope predicts a day when you will be the protagonist, Sagittarius. You five senses will be put on yourself and not in a selfish way, but as a way to recover and look after yourself.