Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for April 13

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Surround your relationship with good vibrations: listen to pleasant music, light some candles, create a perfect environment to show your love to your partner. Sometimes a simple hug or a kind gesture can be worth a thousand words.

Your partner is particularly receptive to all this positive energy emanating from you these days. Don’t let the occasion escape and strengthen your bonds and enjoy their company. A relationship is always a sacred encounter; honour and thank the opportunity you’ve had.

If you’re single, now is the perfect time to attack. As long as you choose your objective well, you will end up attracting the person you’re looking for.

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Use money in a way that it ends up working for you and not otherwise. Money is just a social conventionalism we have created to make the system work. Don’t fear it, but don’t rely on it all the time. Just use it rationally so that you can make your income grow.

Regarding your job, you’ve learned which is your place, so use all the energy you’ve had these days and make your worth clear. Do it with diplomacy but also with power, others just reflect our inner beliefs.

You will have to take calculated risks when investing or dealing with your economy, you need a balance. Spend what you need but always save a part for future productive actions.


Today is the perfect day for a stroll with family, friends, even with your pet. The sun and the clean air away from the city or near the beach will clean and renew your energy, helping you to keep the good state you enjoy right now.

Activity is what makes you willing to go on, take advantage of all the energy you’re feeling this week to move your body. Take some yoga classes, try dancing classes, go swimming. What’s really important is that you must move your muscles and keep energized.

Being in shape and eating a healthy, balanced diet is just the beginning, now you need to pay attention to your thoughts. Take some minutes every day to stop and clear your mind of all the negativity. Your health will thank you for that.