Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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The internal relationship with your family is going through a good time, which is not a pretext for you to accommodate and forget to take care of human relationships every day. Today will appear unique occasions for you to get closer to your siblings, your parents or your children.

This can fill you with good humor during the day, and you will generate energy that you can transmit in a very special way to the people around you. It can be a turning point to dust off that cheerful, talkative Sagittarius that everyone loves. 

And once you get it back, don't let go. Because being in a good mood and in harmony with others makes life much more wonderful.


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This horoscope congratulates you on your ability to react today: pure agility, surprising ability and adaptability. Pure Sagittarius. With those virtues and your constancy it is very sure that today you have all the numbers to be the first.

And although sometimes you feel a little uncomfortable being the focus of all the attentions, it will be inevitable that you awaken the attention and admiration of others, a feeling that you must learn to process from humility and incentive not to stop and continue growing.

More than one and two will come to you for advice. Don't be selfish and share your wisdom and knowledge with others, Sagittarius. Show yourself kind and close.


You know that the stars always support you, Sagittarius, when it comes to relying on alternative therapies and knowledge and various wisdom that help you improve your state of health. But today Magic Horoscope has to warn you that with certain superstitions you go too far.

And it's not just that you get lost in some ineffective remedies, it's not. It is that many times you end up turning your healing into a simple matter of faith, abandoning medical therapies for ointments and spells that do not ensure your recovery. Any alternative therapy must be complementary.

The stars are noticing some difficulties when it comes to recovering from an injury, or coming out of an illness that is dragging on too long. Use traditional medicine.