Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
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The week, full of problems in the field of love and disappointments in general, arrives at Sunday without a clear perspective of getting better but with an evident recovery of the libido, which can bury the problems under the lust, fun and sex.

Some will say that's no way to deal with problems, that you don't solve anything with that. So what? Sex can be a medicine for your pain, and a more useful tool than you think to rebuild some bridges.

It releases tensions and strengthens bonding with your partner through new and exciting sexual experiences.


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Today you can give an important blow, those that are remembered for a long time. If you are in the middle of a trade or expecting some profit, today is your day. The stars warn movements in your favor that inject profits and optimism.

In your work, you will stand out from others and your ideas will finally see the light. It's time to reaffirm your convictions to continue on the path of achievement, assume the leadership you are due and stand out for your genius, your ingenuity and your potential.

In general, in the economy field and at work, Sagittarius will live an exceptional journey with success, money and fame, which however should not make you lose your head. Recognition is a motivation to continue.


Finish a very productive week to improve your physical appearance, and feel like a more attractive being, more powerful, with more magnetism. Today Sagittarius should take care of your hair and nails to enhance your brightness.

Hair loss and the appearance of white marks on the nail denote lack of iron and stress problems, generalized weakness in the body. You have to balance your diet to provide the body with the vitamins and minerals you lack, and reduce stress to gain physical strength.

Beyond that, devoting some money and time to hair care, to strengthen the root and enhance the shine, and a manicure session with special care for nails will be an important dose of self-esteem.