Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for March 13

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |

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An unexpected event today will break the tranquility in the life of Sagittarius. No doubt this is a factor that will test your ability to react and the maturity you have achieved. Circumstances demand coldness and the need for you to follow your primary intuitions.

Your heart is in line with the stars, something that cannot be said of your head. Things are not governed by a logical sequence, and although it is more necessary than ever that you use your head to stop the impulses, deep down you have to be guided by that sixth sense that never fails you.

You will have situations that demand drastic decisions, sometimes even painful. Do not accept betrayal and nip threatening situations in the bud. Put your person in the center. You are the important thing.




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The storms in the emotional realm become an extraordinary placidity in the economic aspect, which helps you to find the point of necessary harmony. If you update your accounts you will be pleasantly surprised to notice a significant increase in your capital.

Also in the working environment, your life experiences an arrival to stability that can be the first step to undertake more ambitious projects. Now that you have your job secured, it is time to keep, which does not prevent you from always trying to find something better.

The stars recommend that you be more restrained in your outbursts. Good economic confluence is not synonymous with infinite luck in the game. Excesses can end badly...


The mouth area will be especially sensitive this Wednesday: you face the equator of the week in an extreme situation of tension and triggered emotions that can affect your defenses. As a consequence, sores and herpes may appear on the lips and gums.

Excessive bleeding of the gums, however, is informing you of a deeper problem that you should consult with the dentist. The health of your teeth is going through a critical moment and you should be on your guard to avoid major ailments.

In the kitchen care with the utensils, today you are prone to suffer cuts.