Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for May 13

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There will be changes in your love life, maybe someone will move, maybe someone will change their partner, maybe there will just be changes in the relationship… The planets are exerting a powerful influence on Sagittarius today.

Your power of seduction is at its peak, you won’t have any problem when it’s time to rekindle the flame if you have a partner, or to bring someone in your life. Today it’s the beginning of a period when you will take the lead when it comes to family and relationships.

You feel the need to renew or change some things. Things are happening in a very fast way. Everything related to love will happen quickly these days.

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Your financial situation can be jeopardized by your desire to move, to do things, and maybe to travel. You need to set a limit. It’s alright to wish for changes, but be careful and don’t spend too much money.

You’ve managed to get your professional life back on track and in a very wise way. You know your place and you’ve let everybody know, workmates and bosses. From now on, you will be able to perform more safely and positively at work.

Feed your need for change, encourage your professional and financial dreams. It’s time you start taking the steps that will lead you to that new life you’ve dreamed about so many times.


Your strong willpower will help you carry out major improvements when it comes to your health. You’re willing to change your life completely so you will start scheduling physical activities and new healthy eating plan.

All this renewed energy which is fighting its way out of your body and spirit will make you set the bases for your totally different lifestyle. From now on, you will embrace any change that implies an improvement in your life.

Don’t endanger your inner peace, whatever it happens. You are strong enough to battle a thousand fights, so don’t let anyone break your enthusiasm. You are a brave person, and you’ve proved it.