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Magical Horoscope Sagittarius |



The feelings and emotions of Sagittarius are revolutionized in the day of this Thursday and, although you can run the risk of suffering great climbs but also great decreases, you will always maintain a positive attitude, happy, passionate and optimistic.

Today, also, you will be able to do great things, everything you propose and more, and recover an active life with a lot of energy and voluntariness. But not only that, but you will also be like a magnet for many people who seek in you energy and inspiration.

In the plane of love is an ideal day for Sagittarius who recently have suffered a bump in love, because they will recover the lost love, and singles, who will taste the honey of success.


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Up in a state of euphoric mood you are capable of everything, Sagittarius, and even more when astral confluences ally to offer you prosperity at work and very good fortune in gambling. The question is, what are you willing to risk to accumulate so much money?

Because the accumulation of large amounts of money can easily lead, even if it seems like a contradiction, to waste and instability. Along with good luck, this Thursday's centaur horoscope heralds confusion, little planning and chaos. 

What can come out of all this is an economic disaster that instead of offering you wealth leads to ruin. It is better to go step by step, Sagittarius, and always remember the import of restraint.


Dynamism is your best ally to face the final stretch of a process of recovery from something as delicate as depression. At last you begin to see light at the end of the tunnel, and that's good news. Good job, Sagittarius! If anyone could do it, it's you.

But now comes the hardest part, which is completing the evolutionary process and maintaining stability. For this you have to organize some routines to ensure your activity throughout the day. It doesn't have to be physical activity, Sagittarius, but above all to keep your mind busy.

The stars bless you with a generous flow of positivism and fecundity of ideas, so that not only will you be happier than normal but also you will have great occurrences.


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