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An important danger faced today by those Sagittarius who are single and who maintain several relationships at once or centaurs in a stable relationship who have a secret flirt. The lie always ends up coming to light, and although it seems obvious, remember: with the truth ahead, everything is better.

Faced with a conjugal crisis, the best thing to do is to put your cards on the table and, if the relationship is exhausted, the most honest thing to do is to be brave and put an end to the story. But cheating on a good person is not only against your interests, it threatens to harm others.

The consequences of what may happen today in this section, will have very negative effects on those Sagittarius who have resorted to deception.


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Preservation, conservation, and security are the fundamental elements for Sagittarius to be able to consolidate their economic situation and gain some tranquillity and oxygen after such delicate moments as the stage you have just gone through.

Although Sagittarius like to live the day to day with an explosion of freedom that sometimes makes them live detached from reality, sometimes you have to make an effort to take control of your own life and finances. Security, at this moment, is essential.

Implementing some insurances that bring you stability and allow you to operate from the tranquility you need can be something very beneficial. According to the stars, signing contracts will go in your favor today.


Return the positive vibes that create around your being a beneficial magnetic field for your health, sprouting within you a powerful energy to promote recovery. If you are going through a low moment or a serious illness, you have to have hope.

Today's journey will be instrumental in developing positive thoughts and vital, optimistic enthusiasm to activate and accelerate the rehabilitation process. Your ailments can move quickly towards healing if you combine that new and renewed optimism with healthy habits.

Optimism and vitality are not substitutes for any medical therapy, but an excellent complement that fills your body with energy and dynamism helping it to progress.