Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for March 14

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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The people around you are generating chaos around you, and as if you were in the middle of a hurricane you feel irremediably absorbed by that whirlpool of screams, arguments and fights. The day demands patience, patience and more patience. For you and for them.

Your advantage over them is that today the sign of Sagittarius is especially relaxed, and that tranquility allows you to look at the situation with perspective, from the heights, and make the right decisions without messing up. Use it to appease conflict situations.

It's also a good day to give advice and help others find their way. Not from the will to teach, not from arrogance, but from humility and generosity.


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A few days of excessive relaxation on your part, and probably on your partner's part, have caused the mess and dirt to build up in your house, and you suddenly become stressed by looking around you and seeing the things that need to be done. Today, Sagittarius, it's time to do housework.

Removing plants from the garden, repairing pipes, painting walls, cleaning windows, removing grease from the kitchen, repairing some appliances and varnishing are some of the tasks you can do today. Peace of mind at work allows you to gather energy.

Initially, you might think: I feel so lazy! But pay attention to the stars, Sagittarius. This Thursday, housework will help you find the peace you need.


Water is life, Sagittarius, and in the last few days you seem to have forgotten to hydrate as you should. How about putting your batteries back in? You need to drink between a pint and a half to two liters each day, so organize yourself well and remember to drink glasses of water during the day.

Try to keep sugary juices and carbonated drinks away during today's day. Sweets can be a reward for the end of the day, but consuming buns during the day in a compulsive and disorderly way is what leads you to worsen your state of health.

Check with your doctor so that you don't miss any appointments. Keep it in mind!