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Today’s Magic Horoscope prediction for Monday comes with good news for Sagittarius. The influences of Jupiter and Pluto will be very beneficial in terms of energy, Sagittarius will feel like making many changes.

This energy from the planets will make Sagittarius feel powerful and this feeling will help you materialise many aspects of your life, especially love. Your relationships will improve notably today.

If you’re single, you will also feel the positive influence of the Stars. If there have been any obstacles when trying to conquer someone’s heart, today a new path will open in front of you.

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The day will be uneventful today when it comes to finances, your economy will suffer no changes. Enjoy what you have and don’t waste your income on unnecessary stuff.

The planets will influence you in the area of work, good news is coming but these will show in the future. Sagittarius, you will have opportunities to grow and professional achievements but they will also manifest later.

Your sky will be full of promises, but you shouldn’t depend on them, instead, wait with faith and conviction while you do your best to make everything advance in your workplace and for your economy. Now is not the time to receive great rewards, they will come in a future.


Sagittarius, your health could be affected today, a virus has probably entered your system. It won’t be anything serious, but you will feel joint pain, tiredness and digestive problems.

As for the emotional aspect, you need to get out and meet new people, someone will probably suggest you to do a social activity you can’t turn down. You will really benefit from stopping to focus on yourself and paying more attention to others.

Sagittarius, don’t forget that there’s nothing permanent in life unless you cling to it. It’s time to let go of all the things that are stopping you from advancing in life, being it emotions, people or situations.