Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



A stroke of luck will make you realize that the circumstances around you always work much better when you are predisposed to the mood. The things that you can't solve by yourself, let them pass, and focus on what can really make you feel happy and fulfilled.

At this point you are not to lose much energy in banal things, Sagittarius. Instead, you have a source of light and truth within you that illuminate everything you do. Dedicate yourself to doing good for others and achieving happiness for yourself.

Do not become your worst enemy, Sagittarius. Do not block the roads, help unblock them.


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Today you will have a revelation, and that doesn't happen very often, Sagittarius. The revelations are a blessed gift that give you clairvoyance and lucidity. Taking advantage of them depends on you, because a lucid person who does not move is like a person with a talent that does not use.

For a good part of the day you will be subject to some pains arising from work, but miraculously you will see the overcoming of these ailments through the force of ingenuity and the impulse of reason. There is nothing like enlightened knowledge to save energy and gain satisfaction.

Reading can be a very inspiring source for Sagittarius, and training a field to be exploited. The centaurs who are studying are on a day of special lucidity. 


In health, the stars give you an amazing ability to get out of problems quickly and effectively, wring out stressful situations and resolve concerns with satisfaction. Result: a radical abandonment of the nerves that were worsening your health, and absolute happiness.

During today you have to try to maintain that calm that allows you to free yourself from stress, and one of the best ways is to spend some time listening to the music you like, or watching a series or a movie that makes you laugh a lot. Good company is also good medicine.

By the way, the stars point out today a very high libido for Sagittarius, time to take advantage and spend good times enjoying unforgettable sexual experiences.