Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Your life is in an ascending line, and that offers you fullness, joy and happiness. You can achieve whatever you set out to achieve, if you are able to bring this energy to a good harbor with good intentions. Also, today you can be a light radiating hope and good humor for others.

The vitality of Sagittarius must serve a good purpose. And you don't have to put the brakes on this desire to live to the limit. Everything that is good for you and for those around you must have the greatest desire for the realization of love and friendship. 

There will be no lack of obstacles, but who can prevent you from being inevitably happy today?


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One of the good news offered by the horoscope forecast for Sagittarius this Tuesday is the enormous fecundity of ideas and creativity. The great successes that you can experience today will come from the great ingenuity that you carry within you and that you have to exploit.

Not only do you have to be more active and participate in tasks with greater self-confidence, but you also have to create with your mentality a positive atmosphere that calls for good luck. Reject bad influences that break this positive trend.

This will be another of today's good news, because in dynamism and the energetic atmosphere that you manage to create around you will attract good luck for investments, gambling, and economic operations.


Today Sagittarius run the risk of suffering blows and falls that can cause serious contusions. Beyond breaks, sprains and limb contusions, you have to be very careful with head bumps and their consequences.

The stars, in fact, foresee much vulnerability of Sagittarius in the part of the head, not only by the blows but by the possibility of appearing headaches and pains that break the progression in your daily obligations. 

If you manage to contain these pains and relax to prevent them from increasing, the rest of the day will go by without surprises and allowing you to live in peace.