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Today are generated in the bed of Sagittarius special complicities that make grow in your love for your partner. Finally you have discovered another way to deepen sexual relations, and that, no doubt, will positively change your affective relationships.

However, today can be a traumatic day for centaurs who are single. The stars warn you that the person for whom you neither eat nor sleep cannot make you happy, either because your love will not be reciprocated, or because you will discover that all that glitters is not gold.

Take out now more than ever your Sagittarius identity, turn the page and look for happiness in other people and in other things. A whole world of possibilities opens up in front of you.


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The day comes with succulent, attractive and hopeful proposals for the economy of Sagittarius. The Centaurs live during these days in the house of opportunities, and it is time of the year to create projects, ambition dreams and implement ideas.

Find the time to do balance. You can't start a new project if you don't first draw up a budget. Also, you have to stop and control the euphoria: you have to make compatible the illusion with the coldness that all businesses demand.

Archers who come from a turbulent period have finally found the tranquillity to develop their potential, without pressure or complexes. You see, Sagittarius? You just needed to trust yourself a little more.


The skin of Sagittarius is going through a critical moment today: dryness and trauma can test the health of your dermis, so listen to the stars and use natural remedies to keep it hydrated, fine and clean.

In this sense, a miracle natural remedy with multiple properties can be very helpful: aloe vera. Not only does it work as a powerful moisturizer, but it also helps the healing of wounds and keeps your skin clean and fresh.

Attention Sagittarius with long hair: the time has come to take a little more care of your hair. If you want to keep your hair so long, start taking care of it with hair products.