Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You will have the chance to make up with your partner today if there has been some confrontation during these days. The stars predict a positive time in love for Sagittarius.

It will be a good moment in your family to solve those pending situations and to clear points of view. Your children will be the protagonists of the day as your relationship with them could experience a very positive change.

If you’re single you will be very likely to living love adventures, no matter if they are brief or with the possibility of lasting in time. You’re more open to love and you feel more confident, and this will attract people who feel drawn to this positive energy that’s coming from you.

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You could be part of an important acquisition that might increase your wealth. You had been thinking about purchasing a house for a long time now, and today the stars will guide you to get the best deal for your interest.

Your job is still your focus of attention these days and you will feel you devote a lot of time to it. Try to take it easy and understand that that’s what you must do these days, but remember not to neglect your personal life.

It’s a good day if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re experiencing changes in your business. You will have new ideas that will bring you lots of profit and will attract new clients.


Be careful with your hips and spine today, you might experience some pain. If this is the case or you’re recovering from an injury, take your doctor’s indications seriously.

Emotionally speaking, you know stress is your worst enemy, so at the end of the week you should try to find more time for you. Change your daily routine and spend some time on an activity that makes you feel pleasure.

Music, art or literature will probably work wonders for your mood, it’s what you need after you have been feeling down these days.