Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Turning our backs on problems is just a way to give them life, to lengthen the agony. Today, in your hands, is the ability to find the renewal that will bring you spiritual peace and vitality

Facing problems will be especially rewarded by the stars, which offer you great optimism and much vitality. Nothing can ruin your journey, much less the problems of the past.

When you lack inspiration and energy, you will find a friendly smile around you that will help you see the future with much more optimism.


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When luck knocks on your door, it is good to remember all those people who have been by your side in difficult times, and in particular, today is a good opportunity to look back and have gestures of generosity and gratitude. 

Your work will have to challenge, however, some problems that stem from your own mental weakness, from your lack of confidence, and some are waiting for this moment to take it to their advantage. It's time to defend your progress tooth and nail.

Also, you will have to face a fundamental dilemma on which much can depend on your project, and you need to take that decision from calm and temperance. Asking for help is never too much, especially if you are undecided and need a second opinion to make the determinations more safely.


The stars remind you today that you have superfoods at your fingertips that have endless properties and nutrients very beneficial to your health, Sagittarius. It is a matter of discovering them and incorporating them into your diet, in order to strengthen your body and counteract the ailments.

One of those foods that from now on can be your ally is quinoa, an Andean seed rich in vitamins and minerals. Among other benefits, allows you to lose weight eating healthy, controls cholesterol levels, is a natural antioxidant and contains many proteins and omega 3, so it is highly recommended for athletes and people with heart problems.

Quinoa is also considered a pseudocereal, which will help regulate the intestine.