Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for January 16

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The prediction of the stars brings for today for Sagittarius says that it will be a really messy day with many doubts about the feelings that harbor your heart. You may be more attracted than usual to a person you thought was your friend, and that can affect you.

You have to let the days go by, take a little perspective and wait for the stars to offer a little more light to the situation. Making hasty decisions is risking a friendship and frustrating a potentially rewarding relationship.

Now is the time to stay calm and focus on other things. Patience and temperance will be rewarded at the end of the road.


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Abusive burdens and some of your own excesses can complicate the day, and if you want to be proactive and save, you'll have to deal with dissatisfaction and frustration. It's not easy to give up something you want with a lot of enthusiasm in order to save.

However, you must become strong and trust in an immediate recovery that will allow you to have that which you so desire. Adopting a cautious attitude and favoring savings will be decisive for continuing to face the January slope with great solidity.

In terms of work activity, there won't be a lot of work today, and that gives you an ideal space to turn your head. You have to think about a big change in your work environment.


Weakness in the bones, muscles and joints can cause acute pain in Sagittarius, a situation which, in addition to limiting movement, can lead to a lowered mood. The feeling of fragility can also be aggression to your self-esteem.

During the morning, especially if you have a lot of work, it is highly recommended that you perform small circular movements with your shoulders and move your neck to one side and the other, up and down, to benefit the muscles in the upper area.

Then repeat the same for the hip area and legs. Also, the foresight of the stars strongly discourages the practice of any risky activity that may cause breaks, dislocations and sprains.