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Today listen well to the stars, Sagittarius: It's time to have fun! Forget about that person who ignores you, disconnect for a few hours from worries at work, and free your mind from any kind of worry. This Saturday is for you, centaur.

And the truth is that spending a day like today at home reading or listening to music, does not go with you. Today you have to feel alive, dear Sagittarius, to re-experience all those sensations that you had forgotten. Today is an ideal day to recover your social life.

You'll like to be the center of all eyes, and there's nothing wrong with that, Sagittarius. The world is at your feet.


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The stars invite you to be a little more ambitious in your working life, especially if you have been going from job to job for a long time, in an unstable and unrewarding working life. You have to start valuing yourself, Sagittarius, and that means valuing your abilities.

What can you bring to a company? What added value do your skills offer? What aspirations do you have in the medium and long term? Clearly not everything depends on you, Sagittarius. But trying to answer these questions and acting accordingly will help you move forward.

Check well all the payments you make today, because there are some bad calculations and it may be that you pay too much. It's about your economy, watch carefully.


Excellent news, Sagittarius! Some medical results arrive that you expected and the conclusions could not be more positive. Just as the stars scold you when your health worsens due to your bad habits, today they bless you with this improvement, which is only thanks to your effort.

See how it is not so difficult to lead a healthy life? You just need to be constant, mature and consistent. Life is a wonderful gift, and keeping your body healthy helps you, as today, to make the most of the incredible experience of living.

Today it's time to enjoy it, and the best way is to take a deep breath, close your eyes and feel that you're alive. And what the hell, one day is a day! Today you can give yourself a whim and eat that forbidden fruit...