Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope





You will receive some news from someone from your past with whom you didn’t end up particularly well. The way you deal with this situation will teach you an important lesson, you aren’t going to suffer unnecessarily.

These days of change you will need the support of those who you love. Don’t be afraid to share your worries, you can receive some great advice that will help you with all the pressure you feel. Come out from under the blanket and trust those who appreciate you, remember that, when shared, the pain is less intense.

Your seductive power is stronger than you expected, many different types of people will come to you. Fortunately, now you’re able to tell the difference between someone who’s worth in your life and someone who will bring you negativity.

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Your wealth will increase when you finally solve some legal problems. This will help you plan your future; you will feel the need to get rid of everything that connects you to your past so that you can start over from zero.

Your colleagues will appear more open and receptive. You will feel more solidarity and support for your new projects, so this is a good moment to implement positive changes.

Now your financial and professional situations are stable, you can plan your near future. It would be a good idea to secure an extra income source and a better place to live.


Your body is begging for physical activity in order to wake you up from all the tiredness you’ve accumulated these days. You know jogging and aerobic sports are good for you, they help you let go of negative emotions and relax your muscles.

You had forgotten about an aspect of you that will emerge again to help you deal with problematic people. You have the ability to speak without arguing and bring to your ground those who try to make you lose your temper.

You will find peace in solitude, and maybe this is exactly what you need to charge your batteries and recompose yourself. These moments of personal meditation you’ve included in your life will help you make better choices to recover your emotional and physical health.