Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



This week will begin very positively regarding your love life. Sagittarius, all the issues between you and your partner will be solved today. You will learn how to see the other person in a more human and real way.

As for your family, old wounds are very likely to be opened but at the same time, you will find the support of a relative who up to the moment had remained neutral.

If you’re single, a romance will begin soon. If you’ve already met someone you’re interested in, you will feel confident when it’s time to seduce that person.

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Your economy keeps growing so you will have enough for you, your family, and to help others who have supported you when the times were tough. You will feel lucky and will share your luck with someone.

You need to take things differently at work, you’re in a position to change perspective and understand why you are where you are. But the most important thing is where you want to head now.

You’ve never been a very ambitious person, Sagittarius, but this doesn’t mean you don’t like good food and comforts. That’s why today you will reward yourself to celebrate how well life is treating you regarding work and finances.


Your health will be pretty good. Your body keeps responding positively even if sometimes you take it to the limit of its energy. It’s a moment of physical and emotional recovery and you feel much better than some months ago.

Emotionally speaking, you’ve travelled a tortuous journey at certain times. But you’re not feeling wrong about it, on the contrary, you’ve learned to keep the good things from that situation.

It’s time you look at the future so today your horoscope recommends writing down your short term plans on a paper. This will motivate you and will give you a new strength with which you can keep improving your life.