Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



An ardent and passionate day for Sagittarius, who in some moments will have to extinguish the fire to attend to the usual occupations. However, in your free time, to give free rein to these passions can be of the most amusing thing.

Try to fill those physical needs with love, sharing the most passionate moments with the person you like. Remember that beyond sex you can find very rewarding feelings and emotions.

News of hope for single Sagittarius: magic exists, miracles too, and today that person who rejects you is going to look at you in another way. The way to happiness opens... 


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In a matter of money during today you have to avoid becoming obsessed with growth, Sagittarius. In a situation of stability is important to maintain patience and tranquility, because forcing things now can lead to precipitation. A false step is observed in your horoscope as an error with unforeseeable consequences.

On the other hand, you will have to face a major investment dilemma, but first make sure the sources are right. You have a special ability for today's accounts, take advantage of it and add and subtract before making any decisions.

At a professional level the steps you take should also be very measured, and not let go by the instinct. 


The stars guess in your organism a recovery of the health problems of lack of iron due to which you dragged an anemia that left you weak and without desire, and that will be seen in a radiant way in your countenance: you will notice that your eyes shine more, you gain color in the face, your hair is stronger and shinier, you no longer have those dark circles ... 

But in addition, today is a day in which you want to feel radiant to succeed, and if you are in plan conquistador that multiplies. The stars demand that today you own your dresses and paintings and dedicate time to groom yourself. Devoting time to yourself and your beauty is investing in self-esteem, and today will make you feel especially good.

However, the planetary confluences warn of an imbalance in cholesterol levels, and this is the problem you will have to face from today to be fully healthy again.