Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



The moonlight rises majestically above your head to infuse you with its overwhelming lucidity. You are touched by the clarity of ideas, and that is an advantage. Update your feelings, ask yourself what you want and what you feel, and chart a path to inner happiness.

That won't prevent some emotional conflicts. Sagittarius lovers will suffer for love, but the sacrifice will lead them to the final realization. Anyway, no happiness will fill their hearts if they are not able to preserve self-love, pride and identity.

There is a task that you must accomplish today, that will give you back your inner peace and will make you feel relieved. And it is better that you do it from the hand of a trustworthy person.


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Cosmic forecasting provides for alignment of the stars to favor exchange and barter in favor of Saturn's children. In this way, the natives of Sagittarius, especially those born in the first deanery, will benefit from the exchange with succulent benefits.

Take advantage of your rest day to increase your income by buying and selling products. You have in your favor the ability to convince, but be careful: the stars recommend that you be ambitious without resorting to deception. You will only get wealth with honesty.

On the other hand, if there is a task you have pending, it is better to finish it as soon as possible, even if you have to dedicate some of your Sunday free time. Then you'll be relieved. 


Although today Sagittarius have a clear head and their brain works much more quickly, there is intense pain in the area of the shoulders that can discharge in the back towards the legs. This whole area of your body can be affected by physical work.

Not only do you need to rest your body, but also at the end of the day spend some time relaxing. If your tasks cannot wait, it will be good to counteract the accumulated fatigue and stress with some relaxation exercises, moving your joints gently.

During the day you may also have to use baking soda, as some foods can cause indigestion and heartburn. Beware of binge eating!